Intro to Massage Workshop
Price: 75$    Duration: 2 hours

Next Class: September 11, 2022

Not ready to commit to becoming a massage therapist?

Not sure if you will enjoy this new career but want to try it out or just simply want to know how to massage your friends, partner and colleagues? 

This workshop introduces you to the world of massage therapy, including some basic techniques and some basic anatomy for you to get the "feel" of your potential new career. 

Note: Following this course, if you sign up for any of our certification programs, the fee for this course will be deducted from your program registration fee! 

Swedish Massage Refresher workshop
Price: 100$    Duration: 2 hours

This workshop is for students who have graduated from the A+ Performance School of Massage 500 hour Swedish program and wish to review techniques or get additional practise. This workshop is exclusive to A+ Performance graduates. 

Next Class : Sept 11, 2022

Anatomy Workshop

Price: 100$        

Duration:  30 hours (2 days online, 1 day in-class)

No prerequisites required

Already a massage therapist or health care practitioner but need an anatomy refresher? This 3 day class will have you understanding the body you are working on in no time. This covers basic & advanced anatomy from head to toes. You will have the opportunity to understand the human body better and will improve the quality of your treatments. The workshop entails 2 days of online material and 1 in-class session of applied anatomy. A diploma of 30 hours is provided at the end of the course.

Concussions in Contact Sport

Price: 20$         Duration: 3 hours

This course is intended for parents of athletes or athletes themselves to understand the ins and outs of concussions in contact sports. The topics covered in this 3-hour workshop are the following: when to recognize a concussion over other medical or non-medical conditions, how to manage a concussed  athlete and concussion recovery athletes, when to seek help and what kind of help to seek. 

Home-care Injury Management

Price: 20$                Duration: 2 hours

This 3-hour workshop is intended for parents of athletes or athletes themselves who wish to obtain knowledge in self-care of basic injuries. The topics covered in this workshop are wound management, concussion management, fear of return to play post-injury, post- surgery recovery, when to seek professional help and when to stop seeking professional help.